The Revolutionary Guinness NITROSURGE

Innovation doesn't come quickly at Guinness. Perfection takes time. 
We've pushed the boundaries of technology to bring you NITROSURGE, so now you can enjoy the true magic of Guinness at home.

Behind the Nitrosurge Story

Our passionate innovators put the magic of Guinness in your hands

The NITROSURGE system has been created by our innovators, designers, & Guinness taste experts. In our journey to develop NITROSURGE, we've methodically tasted hundreds of prototypes for thousands of hours to deliver the magic of the Guinness serve to everyone, everywhere, every time.

Guinness perfect pint

We've married technology & innovation to create something special

The Guinness FutureServe team are perfectionists. They worked tirelessly on the NITROSURGE system and created the proprietary ultrasonic technology to bring great Guinness to everyone. The Guinness FutureServe team is proud to continue the legacy of innovation started in 1759 at St. James Gate in Dublin by Arthur himself. 


Guinness nitrosurge device

Pulsing at the heart of each NITROSURGE device is an ultrasonic transducer, with a specifically tuned wavelength and frequency to create the iconic Guinness surge. The NITROSURGE device is finely tuned to create perfectly formed nitrogen bubbles, keeping the surge and flavour of beautiful, great tasting Guinness for every pour. 


Guinness Nitrosurge cans

Not your ordinary can, specially designed NITROSURGE cans are designed for use exclusively with the NITROSURGE device. Take control of the iconic Guinness surge and settle and craft yourself a perfectly domed pint from the comfort of your own home - or wherever you enjoy your Guinness. 


See it in action

 Download the manual


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